Monday, May 19, 2014

Happiest and most complete: the simple things

A question posed to me: When do you feel at your happiest and most complete?  I thought about it. I could say when I finished my degrees. I felt happy but complete? Not quite. I could say when I got married. I did feet happy and complete that I had found my husband, the man I had been praying for since I was 16 years old. Close...

On Friday, I took my husband to work, then took my mom to work. I took Abby to the park, we played until we had to go pick up Joe. We did grocery shopping and come home, putting the groceries ahead. I had to clean out the pantry to make room. Gave Abby her bath and picked up mom from work. Bedtime. On Saturday, I drove Joe to work, ran an errand before I dropped him off. Came home and did some laundry. I posted a new book review. Gave Abby her breakfast and got her dressed. Finished the laundry and later I will drop my mom off at work and pick up Joe from work.

Then I realized that I feel happy and most complete when I have accomplished something. It can be big like graduating from college, or getting married or having that special baby. But it can also be in the everyday, monotonous chores. I don’t mind laundry. What I don’t like is walking back and forth to the laundry room, hoping that there are washer and dryers available and that someone has touched your stuff. 

I feel happy and complete when:
  • We do something fun like Disneyland or the park and we come home dirty and tired. After a long, hot shower and nice clean pajamas, you crawl into bed and sigh with contentment. 
  • Laying down my daughter and taking a nap, even though there is plenty to do around the house. Then you wake up energize and ready to tackle those pesky chores.
  • Watching football with my family. Watching Abby jump up and down when something exciting happens and even making the “Touchdown” sign when our team scores!
  • Reading a good book with silence as my daughter naps
  • I realize how blessed I am and how far the Lord has brought me in my life. 

Just think about the simple things that make you feel happy and complete. I think the answer will surprise you.