Saturday, June 21, 2014

Give your song a Voice: a beautiful book with a great message

Give Your Song a Voice by Kristin E. Schmidt and illustrated by Debra Rae Hare is a book about a young girl’s dream to give the music in her dream a voice. The story is told as a simple poem. The rhythms are simple and yet flow beautifully like listening to the lyrics of a song. A young girl has a dream and in her dream, she sees music as she wakes up, she realizes that she can’t let the beautiful music disappear. She then goes on a journey to find friends to play this beautiful music.

On her journey, she meets up with a trombone playing hippo, a drums banging chimpanzee, a gator playing the flute, an emu plucking the strings of a cello, a zebra playing the clarinet and a bull blowing the sax. Together, they form a band and put on a concert for the girl’s family and friends. After the concert, she realizes that everyone has something special in them. The little girl gathers her friends and gives them the message of the story: “A song has a no voice until you chose to share it.”

This book was sent to my daughter by my aunt who is friends with the author. I was excited to read it and my daughter loved listening to it. After reading it, I had to post a review about it. I loved this book. I love that it is in prose. I love poetry. The imagery is beautiful and the illustrations really bring the characters to life. I would recommend this book to all children. It has a great message and fun characters.

Give Your Song a Voice is available on for $12.99