Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Adobe Gold: a spy novel sent in 1861 American Southwest

Abode Gold by Robert C. Mowry is the first book in the Stone Justice series. The story is about Colonel Tyrone Rafter who was left for dead in Mexico on a secret mission for the U.S. Army during the Mexican-American War. He was captured, tortured and left for dead. When he lost his leg in a Mexican prison and when he finally escapes, he learns that his wife and his country has been told he was dead. His wife remarried and he now has no home to return to.

The story opens with Tyrone Rafter in Mexican cantina. He is known as the El Pata Fantasma (the Phantom Leg). It’s been fifteen years since he left on a rescue mission into Mexico when he learns that his wife has died. He decides to reclaim his son and his life. He journeys to Washington D.C. where he meets with his old friend, newly elected President, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln convinces him to talk one last mission into the New Mexico Territory, undercover as a traveling preacher, Justin P. Stone. He must find a stash of gold before the Confederate troops do. Will someone recognize him? Will he find his son? Will he learn who betrayed him in Mexico? Will he be able to find the gold and restore his name?

Abode Gold is a great adventure story with twists and turns. With a great historical backdrop of the early days of the Civil War and the often forgotten battles fought in the Southwest, this story will take the reader on a journey through the dangerous game of spies. I enjoyed the journey of Tyrone as he becomes the preacher and navigates the sides of a divided country at war. I want to finish the series and see where Tyrone’s adventure takes him. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great adventure story with the twists and turns of a great spy novel.

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