Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Witches Protection Program: a book review

Witches Protection Program by Michael Phillip Case is about a secret government agency whose mission is to protect good witches and rid the world of the bad witches. Partners, Alastair Verne and Wes Rockville, must protect an heiress from her aunt’s evil plans.

The story opens with Wes Rockville in trouble for a botched case. He is being transferred to the Witches Protection Program as his last chance to remain in law enforcement. There he meets, Alastair Verne, a veteran witch protector. The program protects the good witches known as Davinas while investigating the evil witches known as Willas. They soon hear of an evil plot from within the Pendragon Cosmetic Company and the CEO, Bernadette Pendragon’s plans to take over the world. They must also protect heiress, Morgan, from danger. Along with Davina, Junie Meadows, they must stop Bernadette and her evil minions before they can carry out their evil plot.

I enjoyed this book as it was a fast paced and easy read. It was interesting to see the twist on the Witness Protection Program. Although the story was predictable, it was fun and engaging. The author had all the commonly known aspects of witches, such as cat familiar, shape shifting, spells, magic wands and the ability to fly. There was some humor and plenty of action. I recommend this book for those who enjoy the supernatural stories with a modern twist.