Monday, October 26, 2015

Vacationland: a story of sabotage and revenge

Vacationland by Nat Goodale is a story of a way of life and the changes which can threaten a town and an industry. Located on the coast of Maine, a small town is faced with influx on newcomers who want to change their town. Some see the benefits while others will fight tooth and nail to keep things as they are.

Donny Coombs is a lobsterman like generations of men before him. He lives simply but comfortably. That is until new neighbors build a house next to his property. Delano Nelson and his wife, Eliza are a well-to-do couple who want to make the area for rich vacationers. Donny and his neighbors immediately began to butt heads about state of his property. Donny soon meets the beautiful Shelly Peterson, the daughter of one of the people trying to change the town. They soon have a whirlwind romance as her father doesn’t approve and Shelly doesn’t care. Soon, Donny notices that someone is messing with his lobster traps, his dog gets poisoned and sugar in his gas tank. Who is trying to sabotage his livelihood and hurt him? Is it his new neighbors or it is someone else lurking in the background?

I enjoyed Vacationland and recommended it to all. Donny is a gruff, rough around edges guy who wants to trap his lobsters in peace. He doesn’t want to be bothered and won’t bother others. When the Nelsons try to pretty him up, he fights back and fights back hard. No one messes with Donny. I also enjoyed how the book shows the ugly side of when an area is changed to benefit the luxury of others rather than the livelihoods of the locals. There is one scene when Delano Nelson complains that the congestion at the docks, the town council has the foresight to remind him that the lobster boats have priority on the docks because the lobster they bring in funds the town. This book is filled with romance, mystery and suspense as Donny must discover who is trying to sabotage him.
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