Friday, February 26, 2016

The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant: the places and fun she has

The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant is a series of books by Marci and Ellie Fair. A mother-daughter author team which tell the stories of Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. Ellie and Pudgy are the stuffed animal friends of Ellie. I received two books to review.

First, Ellie Goes Back to School is the story of Ellie and Pudgy as they get ready for the first day of school. They eat a good breakfast and their backpacks are ready to go. Ellie’s nervous because it’s a new school for her. It’s a strange new place, this school. The hallways are long and the doors are really tall. They get to their classroom and they meet their nice teacher. They learned about numbers and how to use a ruler. They learn the shapes and where they live in the world. They get to explore new places in their new school. The classroom has pets and books to read. Gym class, lunch, recess and music class fill in their day at school. They even make a new friend, Sparkle the unicorn. The first day of school comes to an end.

Second, Ellie’s Best Beach Vacation Ever is the story of Ellie and her friend Pudgy as they go on a beach vacation. The sand is white and the water is a beautiful blue and green. They dug in the sand and made sandcastles. They swam in the ocean. They even ride bikes on the boardwalk. They explore the beach town and its hidden treasures. The vacation is filled with fun, exploration and relaxation. The best vacation ever.

These books are cute and fun. The pictures of Ellie and Pudgy are really cute and the reader can experience the day with them. I enjoyed that at the end of each book, the authors encourages the readers to take pictures of their favorite stuffed animal friends at school or on vacation. They even include how to share the pictures with them on their Facebook page. I recommend these books to any classroom or family library for their fun adventures and the creativity in the pictures and their stories.
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