Friday, June 17, 2016

Meantime Girl: a woman's desire to be something more

Meantime Girl by Sindhu S is a story about a young woman who thought she had her relationship all figured out. Until she learned that the relationship was not what she wanted in life. Anjali is a writer in India who has a relationship with a married man, Siddharth “Sid.” Despite her friends’ objections, she carries on their hidden love affair. She has convinced herself that she didn’t want a commitment, she wanted to be as sexually free as men were. As Anjali travels through India, writing her book and visiting various temples, she begins to grow increasingly aware that something is just not right. Will she be able to end her relationship with Sid? Will she continue the relationship, knowing she will always be the meantime girl?

Meantime Girl is an interesting story. A story about love and modern relationships. A story about the confusion and turmoil over a relationship that should not be. A story of a man who seduces a woman into the thrill of a secret relationship. I loved Anjali as she is a strong, independent and modern woman who thought she wanted a no-strings attached relationship until she realizes that there is a pattern of behavior she wasn’t aware of. I recommend Meantime Girl as a modern love story with a twist.

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