Friday, July 1, 2016

The Jolly Coroner: a quirky story about a small town coroner

The Jolly Coroner by Quentin Canterel is a quirky story about a Texas town. Billy Rufino is the town’s coroner and he encounters many interesting and unique people while on the job.

Billy was the only applicant for the job of Hokum, Texas coroner. He has interesting cases which baffles the mind. Basyli Jach is a man who has been declared died but is still very much alive. He lives in a state of limbo as he cannot prove who is he and needs Billy’s help to straightened out the snafu. Riley is a man who believes his wife and daughters are dead and wants Billy to release their bodies for burial. However, he doesn’t believe Billy when he tell him that his family survives. A woman enters his life as he rescues her from near drowning. Soon the situations with Jach and Riley come to a boiling point. What can Billy do? Who is this woman who has entered his life? And how does a story, “The Ballad of Jean and Reg,” play into the crazy town of Hokum?

The Jolly Coroner is an interesting and quirky story filled with fantastical characters and wild images. The book was a little hard to get into with jumps into side stories and social commentaries and philosophical lectures from a character called the Warden. However, once the story started rolling and the reader begins to see the links between the side stories and philosophical ideas. The Jolly Coroner isn’t light reading. It’s reading which will take some thought and time as you digest all the events. If you are a fan of quirky, satirical and strange stories, you will enjoy The Jolly Coroner.

The Jolly Coroner
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