Friday, August 12, 2016

Remember: a love story

Remember by Isabelle Jardin, translated by Jaime McGill, is a beautiful love story between two unlikely people. When tragedy strikes the world, their love is put to the test. The story opens as a young woman writes down her story. 

Leah Holst runs a small shop which serves the boating community in Germany. There she meets the handsome Connor Breckwohld and immediately catches his eye. In the off season, she heads home to Hamburg. It's here that their relationships begins slowly as Leah is weary of the handsome millionaire but soon they are both caught up in their attraction. They both fall deeply in love, battle family pasts and secrets and overcome any adversity. They begin to plan their wedding when tragedy strikes. Connor was conducting business in the World Trade Center when the planes hit on that fateful September morning. While she anxiously awaits news of Connor, she fears the worst. When Connor is found, Leah and his family suffer another blow. Connor has been seriously injured and doesn’t remember Leah. Leah must now find a way to reintroduce herself to Connor. Will she be able to help him knowing that he doesn’t remember her? Will Connor regain his memory? Will they be able to have the life together they dreamed about?

I loved Remember! It is a great book with a beautiful love story. I enjoyed reading about a part of the world I’ve never been and reading how September 11th affected everyone, not just the citizens of the US. The story is romantic and sensual with real conflicts. There are so many part of the book that I enjoyed but I fear talking about them would spoiler major reveals in the story. I highly recommend Remember.

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