Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Promise Kitchen: a story of two women's drive to achieve their dreams

The Promise Kitchen by Peggy Lampman is the story of two women who comes from different areas, different lifestyles and must reinvent themselves for the best. Shelby Preston lives with her young daughter and her mother in a rural town in Georgia. She follows the food column of Mallory Lakes and dreams of becoming a chef. When the opportunity arises for her to follow her dream, she must leave her daughter with her mother and move to Atlanta. There she struggles with life in the city, missing her daughter and trying to pursue her dreams. Mallory Lakes learns that the newspaper she works for is folding. She has the idea to turn her food column into an online daily blog for the paper. She also struggles with the recent breakup with her longtime boyfriend and her best friend seems to be drifting from her life. Life in Atlanta brings the lives of Shelby and Mallory together until the two united after a life-altering incident. Will Shelby fulfill her dream of becoming a chef? Will Mallory be able to get her life back on track and do what she loves?

The Promise Kitchen is a very touching story. I enjoyed Shelby’s journey more than Mallory’s. A young mother who is willing to sacrifice and work hard for the benefit of herself and her daughter. Mallory’s journey is one of reinvention and personal crisis which causes her to confront a situation she never gave any thought to before. Overall, the book kept my attention. I wanted to see both women succeed and overcome the adversity they face. I also enjoyed that the author included every recipe that is mentioned in the book at the end of the story. So if you were interested in cooking these delicious meals, you could. I recommend The Promise Kitchen.

The Promise Kitchen
will be available September 27, 2016
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