Monday, October 10, 2016

The River at Night: a vacation turned nightmare

The River at Night by Erica Ferenick is a suspenseful drama of four friends whose vacation takes an unexpected turn and they must fight to survive. The story opens with Winifred is trying to get out of the once a year trip that her friend, Pia, is planning. River rafting doesn’t seem like her thing but after a sad encounter with an older man, she decides to take the chance. Along with their other friends, Rachel and Sandra, Winifred takes the trip to Maine where they met up with their guide, a young man named Rory. Their trip starts out well but soon takes a tragic turn and the four friends are left alone in the wilderness. As they try to reach the local town, they realize they are not alone. Soon they have to run for their lives. Will they reach safety? Will they back it back alive?

The River at Night is an interesting story which is slow to start as the real action doesn’t happen until about half way through. Each woman is on the trip for different reason; unfortunately, I could find any of them relatable or real. I felt Winnie would never go on the trip, let alone take charge like she does. The story reminds of a cross between Deliverance and the film The River Wild (1994). The book wasn’t my taste; however, I will recommend it to readers who enjoy this type of action fiction.

The River at Night
will be available January 10, 2017
on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
in hardcover and eBook