Thursday, January 12, 2017

It is Well: the sudden changes of life

It is Well by James D. Shipman is the story of one man’s journey as his world drastically changes around him. The story opens at the funeral of his wife, Helen, Jonathan Beecher sits quietly as the service proceeds around him. His 15-year old daughter, Mary, as his side and his sons, Matthew and Luke as well. After the funeral, Matthew breaks the news that he is joining a construction company in the Pacific. Fast forward to December 7, 1941, the news of the Pearl Harbor Attack reaches his small town in Washington. He worries about his son, Matthew and now his son, Luke, who joins the service with this fellow countryman. Back home, Jonathan must deal with the economic strife the war brings on his hardware store, no word from Matthew and Luke, off at boot camp and Mary becoming very familiar with a local police officer. As he tries to live day-to-day, Jonathan meets Sarah Gilbertson and the attraction is immediate. However, Jonathan holds back due to a promise he made his late wife. Will Jonathan allow himself another chance at happiness? Will Matthew and Luke return home safely?

It is Well is a dramatic story filled with the struggles and dangers on the home front as well the battlefields. The story switched between Snohomish, Washington, Wake Island, and the European battlefields as the reader sees life on the home front with Jonathan and his daughter, Mary. The atrocities of the Wake Island occupation by the Japanese and the horrors of the battlefields. The story is filled intense drama and heartache as well as sweet memories of love and happiness. I highly recommend It is Well for its realistic portrayal of life during World War II.

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