Saturday, February 25, 2017

Meet me Halfway: what will you do for love?

Meet Me Halfway by Kim Carmody is Book 2 in the Off Field Series. It is the story of a young woman, Olivia Callahan, an ambitious journalist and Nate Sullivan, the newest recruit for the New York Warriors as a tight end. Olivia is persisted to get the story behind Nate and his rise to the NFL and Nate will do anything to keep it secret. While they go to battle for his privacy and her determination to get the story which will make her career, the sparks fly. As they fall in love, Olivia and Nate both must decide what they will do, and won’t do, in order to be together. Will Nate open up about his past? Will Olivia choose love over career?

Meet Me Halfway started out strong. Olivia is given a chance to jumpstart her career with a new idea for a series of in-depth stories about football players. With Nate’s first round draft pick, the media and the football world is going nuts and all Nate wants to do is hide. However, I could not finish this book. I enjoyed the Prologue which feature Olivia but the opening chapter featuring Nate sealed this book for me. Nate and his friend, Jake, are talking as guys do. Nate’s girlfriend comes up and Nate makes a comment that she “fucks like a porn star,” I had it. I don’t like that language. I understand that men will talk like that but I don’t want to read it. If you are already a fan of Ms. Carmody, you may enjoy this book.

Meet Me Halfway
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