Saturday, May 6, 2017

Say My Name: when the right love heals the pain and brightens the future

Say My Name by Tricia Best is a love story in which two people are deeply flawed and together they find healing and a future. Taylor Jenson is reeling from her breakup with her boyfriend, Ryan. He cheated on her with numerous women including her best friend. She is also conflicted about her choice of career. She chooses business to please her father but her real passion is music. She spends the summer before university with her half-sister, Kimi where she heals from her heartbreak and tries to find the motivation for her chosen career.  There she meets Isaiah Butler, who works at the local market. Instantly there is a connection with the two but there is also a barrier. As Taylor tries to understand and come to terms with why her boyfriend would cheat, Isaiah can’t seem to stay away from Taylor despite not telling her his deepest, darkest secret. When he finally reveals his secret, Taylor runs and attends university having no contact with Isaiah for months. When they see each other again, will the connection still be there? Will they be able to understand the past pain in each other which effects their present? Will they be able to help each deal with their personal demons?

The book opens with this dedication “To those who had their sexuality hijacked and are fighting to get it back.” When I read the description of this book and this dedication, I wasn’t sure what kind of story it would be. There are so many ways this story could have gone. The story was not what I expected in a good way. By the story’s end, I understood what Ms. Best meant and applaud her for a great story. Say My Name is filled with drama and emotional, heart wrenching scenes. The sex scenes with instantly beautiful and, to me, can only be between two truly in love. I loved the flaws of Taylor and Isaiah. They were real and dealt with realistically. I love how Ms. Best presents their demons as never really going away, we just learn how to deal with them when they chose to rear their ugly heads. I highly recommend Say My Name!

Say My Name

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