Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Last of San Geronimo: the story of a brothers' feud which turns deadly

The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo by Ian Stansel is the story of two brothers who spent their lives feuding until one fateful act ended it all. The story opens with the death of Frank Van Loy, the older brother, and his younger brother, Silas, has killed him. Silas goes on the run, knowing the authorities will be after him. What he doesn’t realize is another is on his trail too. Lena, Frank’s wife, is determined to find the man who murdered her beloved husband. As the search for Silas continues and Silas tries to stay one step ahead, the brothers’ history is revealed and the truth behind their feud is much more complicated than a brothers’ fight. Did Silas kill Frank in cold blood and why? Will Lena catch up with him? What will she do if she does?

The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo is a contemporary western about a lifelong feud. While the book wasn’t my cup of tea, Mr. Stansel’s descriptions of the locations are beautiful and how he describes the horses and their movements is poetic. However, I didn’t care for the language he uses for some of the character. I realize that the language fits the characters, I just don’t like it being used in life and in books. The story does leave the reader questioning Silas’ true motive in killing Frank. I like that the truth behind why he did it wasn’t so cut and dry and the reactions of Lena and others as they hear his motive is believable. I recommend The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo for those who enjoy a good western with a family drama twist.

The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo
will be available July 4, 2017

in hardcover and ebook