Saturday, July 29, 2017

Desire's Way: a typical romance

Desire’s Way by Ginni Conquest is the love story of Chase Rivers, owner of Rivers Security and Desiree Maisson, a wedding planner. While on a job, Chase watched Desiree walk by every day until he decided he had to meet her. He orchestrates a way to bump into her and talk with her. He discovers the name of her company and decides to visit her later that day. The sparks fly immediately as the two begin to date and become very close. Everything seems to be going smoothly until trouble comes their way, the two must find a way to be together. Will Chase and Desiree truly live happily ever after?

I’ve been reading romance novels since middle school and Desire’s Way is what I would describe as a typical Harlequin romance. In the book, there’s an instant attraction and the sexual tension builds up fast. I had a hard time enjoying the book for two reasons. First, the format and editing of the book was very distracting. The book started on the left side page when books typically start on the right side. Chapters also started a line after the previous chapter ended. It looks like the author wrote the book in Word and printed it from there. Also the double spacing is very unnecessary in a book. Again looks like a Word document in book form. Another format choice I don’t understand is the author chose to capitalize words that don’t need to be capitalized. For instance, the word aunt was capitalized in the middle of a sentence without a proper name. Second, the story itself. As I said, I’ve been reading romance novels for a very long time. This story is very much like a Harlequin romance where everything happens very quickly. Not to knock Harlequin novels too bad because I’ve read some really good ones that remain on my “keeper shelf.” However, this book is not one of those. I can’t tell you how many times I rolled my eyes and mumbled “oh geez” at certain parts of the story. I especially disliked Chase’s typical macho behavior of “get your hands off my woman” while on their first date! I mean, come on!!! If you enjoy a quick love story, you may enjoy Desire’s Way. However, if you enjoy a true love story with deep emotions and substance, stay away from Desire’s Way.

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