Friday, July 21, 2017

More great books from Carole P. Roman

Carol P. Roman has two great new books out. First, Oh, Susannah: It’s in the bag is the day in the life of Susannah Logan. Her day goes from bad to worse and every time something goes wrong, she ignores it by stuffing it in her backpack. In the morning, it’s her unfinished math homework and the banana she doesn’t want to eat. When she gets on the bus, her best friend, Lola, gives her an invitation to a sleepover which she doesn’t want to go but doesn’t know how to tell her friend. Then it’s her math quiz which she did horribly on because she didn’t finish her homework. So on and so forth until her bag begins to rip. If is only after a nightmare of an exploding bag which wakes up her parents, she is able to talk to her parents about how overwhelmed she feels and didn’t ask for help because she saw how overwhelmed her parents are. Her parents realize that they are all overwhelmed and help her get organized, finish her homework, and remind her never be afraid to ask for help. Oh, Susannah: It’s in the bag is a great short chapter book for young girls who are learning to read on their own. It has a great character they can relate to as well as learn a lesson about speaking up when you need help.

Second, If you were me and lived in…Cuba takes the reader on a tour of the island nation of Cuba. The reader is taken through the capital and largest city of Havana. There is shopping with Abuela and visiting Castillo del Morro, a 17th century Spanish fort. There is a visit to Cayo Coco, a famous beach in Cuba. It is rumored that Ernest Hemingway used it in many of his novels. There is a look into special foods for celebrations in Cuba as well as the country’s favorite sport, baseball. If you were me and lived in…Cuba is a great addition to this children’s educational series. It has become a favorite of mine and I can’t wait for my daughter to learn about Cuba and all the other countries featured in this series. I highly recommend Oh, Susannah: It’s in the bag and If you were me and lived in…Cuba for any family and classroom library!

Oh, Susannah: It’s in the bag
If you were me and lived in…Cuba

are available in paperback and eBook