Friday, March 21, 2014

"The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns" and "Stinky Fumes King of the Wild Vol. 1" book reviews

Today, I have two books to review. The first book is called “The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns” written by Mahamad Ali ElFakir. It is a story about three leprechauns, D’Arcy, Lorcan and Scully, who live in a hidden home on a mountaintop. Every day for thousands of years, they would journey to the end of the rainbow to Squawky Island. There a rainbow bird named Squawky lived and where the leprechauns kept a pool of gold. They would play in the pool all day. Until one day, the magic did not work. The leprechauns must figure out how to work together to return the magic and their gold.  “The Ancient Secret of the Leprechauns” is a great adventure for children to enjoy. It has a great moral lesson at the end that teamwork and perseverance can overcome obstacles. The illustrations were done by Victor Guiza. They are beautiful with very vivid color and portray the action that is happening in the story. This story is a great read for a family or an independent reader. Children will especially enjoy the beautiful artwork and the fun and dangerous characters. The book is available in paperback for $12.95, case bound for $22.95 and eBook edition for $5.00.

The second book is called “Stinky Fumes King of the Wild Vol. 1” also by Mahamad Ali ElFakir. This is a story about Pepper, a skunk, who is excited about the meet and greet party, where all the new skunks gather together at the beginning of spring. Tiger and Hopper are rabbit brothers who were adopted by the family of skunks during the harsh winter. At the meet-and-greet, there are various competitions, one in particular was the spraying contest to decide who had the strong scent in the whole forest. Pepper would win various competitions but when it comes to the spraying contest something was very, very wrong. The other skunks began to make fun of Pepper but soon Pepper and his unique scent are needed to save the day. “Stinky Fumes King of the Wild Vol. 1” is a fun story about a skunk who learns that it’s okay to be different because it’s who he is. Independent readers would enjoy this book as well as a family reading. The illustrations were done by Victor Guiza and are beautifully done with bright colors and vivid details. The book is available in paperback for $12.95, case bound for $22.95 and eBook edition for $5.00.
Both books are fun and enjoyable. Children will enjoy the colorful characters while learning a valuable life lesson. The message fits the adventure of the story and can be related to the reader’s life. I would especially recommend these books for children who are independent readers. To order both books, please visit Outskirt Press at