Friday, July 25, 2014

More awesome books from the "If you were me and lived in..." series

I have some more great books from the “If you were me and lived in…” series. 

First, we visit the land of South Korea. In this book, the readers are introduced to the county and its culture. We learn about its capital city, Seoul and the currency that is used, the won. Popular foods and favorite activities are introduced. Foods like bulgogi and kimchee. Activities like taekwondo, the martial art of South Korea.

Second, we learn about the country of Turkey. There are some fascinating facts. Turkey’s most famous city, Istanbul is the only city to sit on two continents: Asia and Europe. We learn about the Hagia Sophia, a famous church by Emperor Justian in 390 which was later turned into a mosque by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet and it now a museum. There is a discussion about the popular food items and the country’s favorite sport.

Third, we travel to Kenya whose capital is Nairobi meaning “cold water” in the Maasi language. We learn about the Maasi Mara National Reserve where many native animals are protected. We learn about the Mombasa Carnival where there is music, floats and a parade.

Lastly, we visit India. The second most populated country in the world located in South Asia. There are 100 different languages spoken in India. We visit the Taj Mahal, the famous monument to Shah Jehan’s wife. We learn about the different spices in Indian food: cumin, curry, cinnamon and chilies.

I can’t recommend these books enough. They are a great learning tool for any family and classroom!
All the “If you were me and lived in…” titles are available on Amazon for $9.99