Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Patches and Buttons: a book about overcoming fears and becoming friends

Patches and Buttons, written and illustrated by Jennifer Link, is a cute story about overcoming your fears and becoming friends with someone different. Buttons is a rabbit who is afraid of loud noises and especially of the family dog, Patches. The book has Buttons running from sounds and hiding from Patches. When he thinks he’s safe, Patches approaches the cage with a present. Buttons learns that Patches just wants to play and they become good friends.

This story has a great message with great illustrations, simple yet detailed. Ms. Link stated that it has been a long desire to bring her art to a children’s book for many years. She wrote the story for her nephew about her dog (Amber) and Buster (bunny). Her wish is that when a child reads the book, they smile. She accomplishes this very well. My daughter loved the story so much, she had me read it three times. I really loved this story. I would recommend Patches and Buttons for all children who love a simple story about learning to face your fears or just to enjoy a small story about a rabbit and a dog.

Patches and Buttons is available on Outskirt Press and Amazon for $18.95