Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Hanging Tree: a mystery and a curse

The Hanging Tree by Michael Phillips Cash is a novella about a long family curse. The story opens with Arielle who is rebelling against her father and his new girlfriend. She and her boyfriend, Chad, are hanging out by the The Hanging Tree in Oyster Bay. Unknown to the couple, there are spirits watching them from the branches of the tree, each with a story tied to a curse and this particular tree.

The story then turns to the same area in 1649, Goody Bennett has been raising her granddaughter since her son’s death. Goody is known as a healer but when her remedies don’t work anymore, trouble rumbles from the village. Tragedy strikes and Goody Bennett curses the family of the local reverend. How will the curse be broken? Who will fall victim? The story weaves between past and present in order to explain the curse and how it must be broken. Is the curse broken or will someone else fall as its next victim?

I enjoyed this book. For a novella, it had depth and action that I was not expecting. I highly recommend this book for all who enjoy a great story. 

The Hanging Tree is available on Amazon for the Kindle for free and in paperback for $6.99