Sunday, August 10, 2014

On Green Diamonds Pursuing a Dream by Tom Tatum: a great book about life, love and baseball

On Green Diamonds Pursuing a Dream by Tom Tatum is a wonderful story about a young man who meets a retired baseball player and both their lives are never the same again. The story opens with Gabe “Fireball” Nelson, a retired professional baseball player, who is settling into a normal life with his wife, Heather, when a widowed woman and her son move into the neighborhood.

The Nelsons are immediately drawn to the grieving family. Tyler is a shy and withdrawn 8 year old whose only love is baseball. Gabe is able to use his knowledge of the game to help Tyler improving his baseball skills as well as deal with his father’s sudden death. Gabe and Tyler soon become like grandfather and grandson as Gabe teaches Tyler more than baseball. He teaches him the 22 rules to live by that his father gave to him. Gabe teaches him the importance of the Lord in his life and how to be a generous and thoughtful man to others. Through triumphs and setbacks, Tyler learns the importance of being a great leader on the field and off. Will Tyler achieve his dream of becoming a professional baseball player? What sacrifices must he make to get there?

I loved this book. I’m usually not a big baseball fan. I’m more a football fan. I normally watch baseball during the playoffs and the World Series. With the limited knowledge of the game, I was still able to enjoy this book and cheer Tyler on as he pursues his dream of green diamonds. I loved how Gabe’s 22 rules are applied throughout the book. I loved Gabe’s fish analogy of “a keeper” when discussing the birds and the bees with Tyler. Even though you may not be a baseball fan, I recommend this book. You will enjoy the journey of Gabe and Tyler through their love of baseball. The characters are real and relatable. I wish that I had a grandfather or father like Gabe Nelson. I highly recommend On Green Diamonds Pursuing a Dream by Tom Tatum. You will love it!

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