Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stillwell a haunting on Long Island: a great mystery that will keep you on your toes

Stillwell a Haunting on Long Island by Michael Phillips Cash is a haunting story about a sudden death and the impact it has on the ones left behind with a great ghost story weaved in.

The story opens with Paul, a recent widower who is preparing to restart a life with his three children. His wife, Allison, dies after a sudden and fast moving illness which has left everyone unable to understand it all. The entire book takes place in one week. Starting with Sunday as his kids return home from his sister’s. His oldest children, 13 year old twins Veronica and Jesse, act out as teenagers will do. His youngest child, Stella acts like a 9 year old would, holding on to childish fantasies. Paul returns to work as a successful realtor when he agrees to sell Stillwell Manor for an old friend. The mansion has recently been involved in a murder-suicide and has a dark past. Strange occurrences begin to happen at the manor and at home, that leaves Paul questioning his sanity as well as wondering if someone is truly trying to communicate with him from beyond the grave.

I really enjoyed this book. The struggles of Paul and his children felt potent and very real. I enjoyed the ghost story of Stillwell Manor and the resolution of the hauntings is great. I would recommended this book if you enjoy a good ghost story intertwined with a real human experience.

Stillwell a Haunting on Long Island is available on Amazon
 in paperback for $12.99 and on the Kindle for $0.99