Friday, August 22, 2014

The Captain No Beard series: fun and imagination mixed with great lessons

Today, I have five books from the Captain No Beard series by Carole P. Roman.
First, Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life is the story of Alexander aka Captain No Beard and his pirate friends. Hallie, his cousin and first mate, Mongo the monkey, Linus the Lion and Fribbit the Frog. In this story, the crew aboard their ship, The Flying Dragon, must battle a fierce storm.

Second, Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience is a story about the new member of the crew and her inability to follow directions and her frustrations that follow. The captain orders drills to practice in case of emergency but Pepper the Parrot gets turn around and goes in the opposite direction of the rest of the crew. She yells and screams that she can’t get it right until Hallie stops and helps her. The lesson at the end of the story is not to be afraid to ask for help.

Third, Stuck in the Doldrums is a lesson about sharing. The crew is marooned on an island and they begin to play on the beach. Captain No Beard demands and decides since he is captain he is right and others are wrong. His behavior leads the others to not want to play with him so he goes off on his own. He is determined that he can do it himself. When a great squid attacks the ship, he calls for help but the others are willing to help at first. Captain No Beard learns that it is important to share and take others’ feelings into considerations in order to play together.

Fourth, The Treasure of Snake Island is a story about the search for buried treasure and the discovery of a great and priceless treasure. Armed with a map, the crew sails for Snake Island and dig where X marks the spot. Inside the chest, they find books!

Finally, Strangers on the High Seas is a lesson about strangers. Captain No Beard and his crew run into a strange ship and the crew calls out to them. Should they approach the strange boat or keep their distance?

The Captain No Beard series is a great series of books which captures the imagination of children as well as teach important lessons about sharing, strangers, and teamwork. The illustrations are beautiful and capture the story wonderfully. I highly recommend this series to families and classrooms.

All five of these titles are available on Amazon for the Kindle as well as in paperback.