Thursday, September 11, 2014

If Tigers were Angels: a story of faith and God's calling

If Tigers were Angels by Tom Tatum is an inspirational story which challenges what we believe by faith or by sight and God’s calling in our lives that many people take for granted. The tigers in the title are the Tiger Shallowtail butterflies which are the state butterfly of South Carolina as well as six other eastern states.

The story opens with Benjamin “Ben” Taylor, who is a middle aged man, married with three children. He was addicted to his work and with the pressures of providing for his growing family, he filled his time with more work and less home. With his children grown and gone, he befriends a young neighbor, Andy Dobson. Andy is caught by Ben watching the butterflies in Ben’s garden. Something strange happens. Andy is in a mysterious coma and when he wakes up, he was an amazing story to tell. The story causes a media frenzy and the events that follow will cause Ben to question what he knows about God and His calling in Ben’s life. He will soon make a decision which will turn his life upside down.

The subtitle of this book was “With God, all things are possible” which is from Matthew 19:26 and challenges the reader’s understanding of how limited we are but how unlimited God is. I could really relate to this story because my faith has been challenged in many ways. Many people wonder with all that I’ve been through how I can still believe in God. While I have many examples, I will illustrate one that the book brought to mind. In one scene, a pastor is illustrating Jesus presence in our lives. He asks, “How has Jesus made His presence known to us?” I remember vividly when I was in the hospital after having emergency caesarian section and losing my daughter, Ziva Rae at 24 weeks gestation. I was visited by my aunt who prayed for me before she left. She prayed that Jesus would lay His hands on me and give me comfort and peace. Later, as I was falling asleep, I felt pressure on the top of my head as if someone had placed his hand on me. I knew it was Jesus. I love this book. It has great moments and Ben goes through a great transformation from a selfish, so-so Christian to a fully committed servant of God. I highly recommend this book. If Tigers were Angels is a great example of how all things are possible with God.

If Tigers were Angels is available on Amazon
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