Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Uncommon Heroes series by Dee Henderson

The Uncommon Heroes series by Dee Henderson combines two of my interests: the military and a romance story. This series has intrigue and suspense, mystery and an old fashioned love story.

True Devotion is the first book in the series. It is the story of Lieutenant Joe “Bear” Baker, commander of a Navy SEAL Team and Kelly Jacobs, the widow of a Navy SEAL from Joe’s team. Together, they discover that in the six years since Kelly’s husband’s death, they have developed feelings for each other. As they begin to date, the ghost of her late husband and Joe’s job threatens to tear apart their new relationship. Along with the reappearance of the man called Raider, who is responsible for the death of Kelly’s husband. Kelly must decide if she can risk falling in love with an active Navy SEAL and Joe must race against time to stop Raider before he strikes again.

True Valor is the next book. This is the story of Lieutenant Grace “Gracie” Yates and Air Force Major Bruce “Striker” Stanton, pararescue jumper. After a mission which goes horribly wrong, Bruce reaches out to Grace in letters. Together, they begin a letter writing relationship as mail in the military is a lifeline. An old fashioned love story told through letters, Grace and Bruce become confidants in a way only someone in the military could understand. Their relationship is put to the test when Grace is shot down behind enemy lines and Bruce and his team are sent to rescue her. As Bruce struggles with being away while Grace is in recovery, Grace must fight tooth and nail in order to get back to flight status.

True Honor is the final book in the series. It is the story of Chief Petty Officer Sam “Cougar” Houston, whom we see in the first two books, and Darcy St. James, a retired CIA agent who is drawn back into the world of espionage and terrorist plots. Their world is shaken as the country tries to recover from the aftermath of 9/11. They race against time to find the men who profited from the attack on the World Trade Center.

I love this series for its romance, its realism of military aspects and its characters that you wish you knew in real life. As someone who has never been in the military, these books help give the reader an insight into military life for the men and women who proudly serve our country as well as the families are left behind to love and support them through the distances. I highly recommend the Uncommon Heroes series.