Sunday, November 30, 2014

Doggie Delicious: a story of discovering new skills

Doggie Delicious by Mary Jo Wisneki Johnston is an imaginative book about a dog on a ranch who grows wings and learns to fly. The story begins as the narrator is approached by a stranger telling her that her new dog is waiting for her over there. She and her husband had no intentions to get a new dog but were curious about the stranger’s message. They soon fall in love with a puppy and go through the adoption process. They name their new dog Bialy Habibti, which is Polish and Arabic for White Honey, and call her Bibi for short. Soon, strange things begin to happen on the ranch and Bibi is growing wings. With her new abilities, she begins to help around the ranch in ways that no one else can and she inspires the other animals to display their unique talents.

Doggie Delicious was a cute story which kids will have fun imagining a dog who can fly. There are a few minor annoyances I found. For instance, the narrator kept explaining what the abbreviations were that she used. Explain once and that’s it. The repetitive explanations are unnecessary. I like the message of the story to keep the faith, determination and courage to fulfill your dreams. The “possibilities are endless with belief and persistence.”

Doggie Delicious is available on Amazon

In hardcover for $24.95 and in paperback for $18.95