Friday, November 14, 2014

The After House: three mysteries all rolled into one exciting book!

The After House by Michael Phillip Cash is his new ghost story. An after house is in the deckhouse nearest the stern of a ship, a place when the men go to stay of the elements and was said to the safest place on the ship. An old house on Long Island holds many secrets as it could a safe haven or a tomb.

The story begins with Captain Eli Gaspar, sailing off the coast of Puerto Rico, 1840, is hunting whales. He’s been at sea for 13 months and he thinks about all he has missed. When a whale they are hunting rams the ship, destroying it. Captain Eli is left adrift. Flash forward to 2014, Cold Springs Harbor, Long Island where Remy Gallway and her daughter, Olivia are settling in to their new house. Olivia feels as if someone is watching them as strange things happen around the house. Rooms left in disarray, the electric goes on and on and a strange orb is seen around the house. The audience learns that Captain Eli is in the house and is trying to get Remy and Olivia to leave. He soon realizes that they don’t scare easily until someone tries to kill Remy on multiple occasions and Eli feels very protective. He tries to warn Remy of the coming danger.

I enjoyed this story as it has a great mystery about what happened to Eli after his ship was destroyed, what happened to Eli’s wife and children and who is trying to kill Remy. The resolutions of all three mysteries were excited and something I did not expect. This book was a fast read as it held my attention and had me eagerly awaiting the next piece of the puzzle. This is not a ghost story that is out to scare or frighten its audience. It is simply a mystery which involves a ghost who is searching for his family as well as protecting the one in his house. I highly recommend it.

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