Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Forgotten Knight: a new twist on a knight in shining armor

The Forgotten Knight by Emilie DeRitter is an adventure about a knight named Sir Christopher of Calidore who has been cursed to travel from kingdom to kingdom, doing good deeds until the end of his days. His traveling companions are a sorceress named Aurora of Beldain and his faithful horse, Jonathan.

The story opens with a cry for help. Sir Christopher and his companions follow the sound to find Princess Gwenyth trapped in a mirror. They defeat the evil wizard, Varuk, and rescue the princess. They agree to take the princess home. On the journey to Gwenyth’s home, they save a family from a burning barn, they rescue a band of centaurs from a Cyclops, and they save a kingdom from an ogre. Duke William of Romalia is grateful for the heroes’ efforts and offers them a place to stay. While they are there, Princess Gwenyth falls in love with the duke. Sir Christopher leaves her there as he continues on his task. Along the way, he meets new dangers, new friends, and battles an old enemy. Will Sir Christopher ever be able to break the curse and live happily ever after?

I enjoyed this book as a great adventure with fast paced battles of mystical beasts and knights in shining armor. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and I loved the ending which I can’t reveal but it’s very sweet and touching. I recommend this book for young readers who are looking for a great adventure story with knights, magic and battles.

The Forgotten Knight by Emilie De Ritter
Is available at for the Kindle $6.99

and on paperback $10.95