Saturday, December 20, 2014

Flying into the Night: a story of romance and adventure

Flying into the Night by Freya Velander is a story about the adventures of Eldora Silva, fresh from a divorce, she begins a career as a Flight Officer for an airline and soon finds herself in a situation that she may not get out of. The book is billed as a “gripping adventure and high-flying passionate romance” with terror, seduction, and betrayal (source: author interview).

The story opens with Eldora interviewing for the position of Flight Officer for a Boeing 727. While she is there, she meets Captain Rick Cunningham, a handsome pilot for the same airline. They soon begin a sexual relationship, meeting whenever they are both in the same town. Her good friend, Joel, is a secretive man who recruits her and Capt. Rick to fly a plan into Managua, Nicaragua. She has no idea way they need her to fly but since the airline pilots are on strike, she has nothing better to do. While in Nicaragua, she meets Kyle, who is on the trip with them. Soon, Eldora finds herself in danger, who can she trust: Joel, Capt. Rick or Kyle?

I found Flying into the Night to be a boring attempt at a romance adventure story. First I couldn’t related to any characters, especially Eldora. I didn’t like her use of “oh my goddess.” What is that? Second, I didn’t feel there was a story, no build up, no suspense. I didn’t see any real growth in Eldora from her experiences. What I did like was Ms. Velander’s description of the Boeing 727, the interview process for pilots and Ms. Velander is a pilot herself and her descriptions of inside the cockpit allowed someone who has never been inside one, get a feel of how a plane is flown and the people involved. Overall, as a fan of romance adventure stories, I felt Flying into the Night doesn’t live up to the competition. It’s an easy read with no real story.

Flying into the Night is available
On Amazon on the Kindle for $3.99
In hardback for $33.99
And in paperback for $14.99

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