Friday, January 9, 2015

Another adventure for Anthony Ant!

Anthony Ant goes to Egypt by Julie Bettendorf is a delightful exploration of Egypt. Anthony Ant arrives in Cairo and meets up with Babu the beetle. Together they explore Egypt. They ride on camels, see the giant pyramids and the Sphinx. They explore the bazaar, a marketplace, where a wide variety of items are sold, such as blankets, rungs, and spices. Anthony Ant and Babu visit the museum where they see the mummies and the riches they were buried with. Next, they sail down the River Nile and see many of the temples along the way. Lastly, they go snorkeling in the Red Sea where they see beautifully colored fish and coral.

Anthony Ant goes to Egypt is a wonderful exploration of Egypt. The information is presented in a way which will appeal to children and engaging them in learning about the country. I highly recommend this book for any family and classroom library.

Anthony Ant goes to Egypt
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