Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Lucky 7 Show: a story of working together

The Lucky 7 Show by Mary Jo Wisneski Johnston and illustrated by Richa Kinra is story about resolving problems through collaboration. It takes place in a seven-sided barn where seven entities want play. A plan must be created to make everyone happy.

The story opens with the reader meeting Muscatino Rattuti the Great, aka Musky, a gray wood rat who discovers a seven-sided barn which is perfect to store all his treasures. But he isn’t the only one who wants to use the barn. Together with the weathervane horse, Musky come up with a solution so that everyone can use this amazing barn?

The motto of the story is collaborate, maximize, optimize and be successful. The story is presented as a magical fantasy which is meant to entice readers to “further research animals and their behavior, flight principles, games and game theory, social studies and geography, mechanical principles, music and art” (background information for the book). The Lucky 7 Show was an interesting story with beautiful illustrations and a wonderful lesson of working together.

The Lucky 7 Show is available on Amazon
in hardback for $20.95
in paperback for $14.95