Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good the Goblin Queen: a great fun adventure story

Good the Goblin Queen by Becket and illustrated by Raven Quinn is the story of Good who has a strange family and one fateful night, she makes a wish on a falling star. That’s when her life changed forever.

Good is seven years old and she doesn’t like her life. She doesn’t like her name, she doesn’t like her parents (who are escaped orangutans from the New York Zoo), and she has no friends. One night she sees a falling star in the sky and she makes a wish. The next morning, she discovered that she didn’t just make a wish on a falling star but the wish was multiplied by a thousand falling stars. She discovers she could be in danger and she runs away. Good soon meets Mr. Fuddlebee, a ghost who is there to grant her wish. He gives her a crinomatic, a small compact mirror, which will grant her wish. She wishes to a queen. The cinematic soon makes her a beautiful dress with bows and shoes with sparkling jewels. She even has a crown and she discovers her skin is green. Good is soon joined by a group of goblins and they claim that she is their long-lost queen. Good joins them on the journey home to the Goblin Kingdom. Along the way, they meet dangers and obstacles, which Good teaches the goblins about thinking through the situation, being brave and the need to ask for help.

Good the Goblin Queen is a fun adventure story with great lessons about getting all the facts before making a decisions, about being brave and there is no weakness in asking for help. I had two quotes that really stood out to me as important to remember. First, the world isn’t coming to an end because you’re in a difficult situation and second, you cannot control the things that hurt you but you can control the healing afterwards. I love these words of wisdom that readers can apply to their own lives and the situations which they will encounter. I highly recommend Good the Goblin Queen. It’s a fun adventure with great lessons.
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