Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Then Like the Blind Man: a story of mystery and storms

Then Like the Blind Man Orbie’s Story by Freddie Owens is the story of a young boy’s experience in Kentucky’s forgotten countryside. He learns a deep, dark secret and he must find the courage to fight a growing threat.

It’s June 1959, Orbie Ray is on his way to stay with his grandparents in Harlan’s Crossroads. His stepfather, Victor, his mother, Ruby, and his sister, Missy, are continuing on to Florida where Victor is looking into a job opportunity. When Orbie first arrives, he doesn’t like his grandparents’ country house and must learn about life on a farm. He thinks back to when Victor entered their lives in 1955, his father, Jesse, worked at a steel mill in Detroit and they met Victor at a company picnic. There’s something fishy about Victor as he charms his way into the Ray family life. Victor reveals what really happened to Orbie’s dad and he is left with this information in a strange land. Orbie learns about the true nature of man and the racism that remained strong in the area. He befriends Willis and other black boys of the area as he is introduced to the strange occurrences in the area. As his stepfather and mother return, a storm is brewing both between the adults and the weather outside. With tornadoes approaching, Orbie confronts the one truly responsible for his father’s death. Will he able to save his family in time?

I enjoyed Then Like the Blind Man. It was filled with mystery as clues of what happened to Orbie’s father are revealed. It is filled with drama as Victor worms his way into the grandparents’ house and he becomes chummy with the local authorities. It was filled with strange events that could not be fully explained as Orbie learns the secrets about life around him. Once I picked up this book, I look forward to read how it ended. Would Orbie be able to confront his father’s killer? Would he be able to save his family from the storm? I highly recommend this book.

Then Like the Blind Man Orbie’s Story yy Freddie Owens
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