Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blood Dreams: a mystery thriller with special abilities

Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper is a mystery thriller which features Dani and Paris, identical twin sisters who have psychic abilities. They work for a private organization called Haven which is often used as special consultants with the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit (SCU), run by Special Agent Noah Bishop. A serial killer is on the loose and has come to the small town of Venture. The local police department as well as the FBI work with Dani and Paris to solve the cases of missing persons while trying to follow the clues of the serial killer. Dani has promotions in the form of dreams. With each dream, more gruesome details are revealed about the final showdown between the killer and law enforcement. Can Dani figure out the clues in order to help catch the killer before he strikes again?

Blood Dreams is the first book in the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit trilogy. A typical mystery thriller with the heroine with special abilities. The story was engaging as the reader tries to work with the clues along the characters. I made my guesses as who the serial killer was and I was wrong or was I? The person caught at the end is alluded to as a pawn in a much bigger game. Was he the serial killer or is there a greater monster out there? I’m sure the other books in the trilogy will give more clues. The story kept me reading but I’m not rushing out to find the other books to find out who the serial killer is. If I find them at the library, I’ll probably read further. If you want a good mystery thriller and a quick read, I recommend Blood Dreams.