Friday, September 25, 2015

Nurses are my heroes in the medical field

The View, a TV talk show, which claims to be a place five women from different points of view together to discuss the headlines of the day since it began airing in 1997. Recently, the show came under fire for criticizing and mocking a Miss America contestant, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson. Since everyone is familiar with the segment and the ongoing outrage and backlash, I will not rehash it here. However, I do want to extend my appreciation for the millions of nurses. To the nurses who were a part of the happiest moment and the devastated moments of my life. I don’t remember your names but you have left an impression on my heart and memory.

To the nurse who sat by my side while I was in labor with my daughter, Abby. The nurse who talked with us and helped pass the time as best as possible. The nurse who guided my husband as we prepared for the stage to bring our daughter into the world. And when the doctor was stitching me from the episiotomy and didn’t listen when I said I could feel the needle, the nurse who quietly gave me another dose of pain medication through my epidural. The nurse who brought my newborn daughter to us and quietly shooed my mom out of the room. The nurse who stood in the background as my husband and I marveled at the new person in our lives and stayed with us until they took me to my recovery room. It’s been almost four years since then and I still remember. Thank you for the amazing job you did that day. 

To the nurses who attended me while I was in the hospital desperate to stay pregnant with Ziva and ultimately rushed into an emergency C-section. To the nurse who held me as the anesthesiologist put in the spinal block. The nurse who let me squeeze her arm even when I left nail marks. The nurse who reassured me that she would not let me fall. To the nurse who was at my bedside when I woke up in the surgical recovery room and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. To the nurse who brought my daughter in so I could hold her for the first and last time. To the nurse who would come in and check my vitals. She always apologize for waking me up and she come in, checked and was out as quickly as possible. To the nurse who I saw in my aftercare. I was given an appointment I didn’t need but still took the time to listen to my story, cried with me, prayed with me and even recommended a great doctor.

To the nurse who sat with me in the ER exam room and made sure I was comfortable. Many people don’t know this but on August 13th of this year, I suffered a miscarriage which sent me to the ER. This nurse made sure I was comfortable and warm because, of course, I had the exam room right next to the ambulance door. The nurse who apologized for the wait and explained what the doctor was waiting for before coming in with my results. The nurse who turned down the lights so my husband and I could get as much sleep as we could while we waited.  The nurse who didn’t hesitate when she saw that we were ready to go home, got my discharge papers and sent us home with best wishes.

I’ve heard many good and bad stories about nurses. I’ve had a few bad ones too. However, the great nurses are the ones which stand out in my mind. I think I would have a hard time doing the job that they do. And for the women on the The View to openly mock a profession which they do not understand and will need throughout their lives is just plain stupid. To the millions of nurses who work tirelessly every day for patients and doctors who may or may not appreciate what you do, I say thank you. I have seen what you do and I appreciate you. To me, you are the hero of the medical field.