Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pokergeist: a ghost story in the seedy side of Las Vegas

Pokergiest by Michael Phillip Cash is story of a man who is down and out and gets help from the ghost of a poker legend. A story of life with unfinished business and a life trying to get back on its feet in the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Telly Martin is a former IT consultant who lost his job when the economy turned sour. He and his girlfriend, Gretchen, are living a hotel while they both get back on their feet. Telly is trying to make enough money by playing poker. The problem is he isn’t very good. Until he is visited by the ghost of Clutch Henderson, a poker legend who died the year before after losing in an international poker tournament. Near his breaking point and despite his doubts, Telly reluctantly agrees to ty poker one more time. With Clutch’s help, Telly is able to earn enough money to enter in the International Series of Poker (Cash’s version of the World Series of Poker which is held in Las Vegas every year). Will Telly be able to win? Will anyone believe that he sees the ghost of a poker legend?

I enjoyed Pokergeist as I have enjoyed other Michael Phillip Cash’s books. When I received the book, it came with a parental advisory note. It stated that the book is intended for mature audience because it includes strong language. I was shocked. I have never read a book before which came with an advisory. Keeping this in mind, I read the book and I didn’t see anything which would require an advisory. There was some strong audience but nothing I haven’t heard on TV. I really enjoyed the relationship between Telly and Gretchen. I also enjoyed the scenes at the poker tables. Mr. Cash really captures the tension and psychological mind games which occurs during poker games. I recommend Pokergeist to anyone who enjoys a good ghost story and the game of poker.