Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two great new children's books about nature and new adventures

Today, I have two new great children’s books to review.

First, The Great Carp Escape by Irish Beth Maddock, illustrated by Lucent Ourano, is a story about taking care of all God’s creatures, even the ugly ones. Beth and Paul live by a lake. They often on the shore and swim. Paul likes to dig for clams while Beth likes to snorkel and lie so still that minnows swim up to her nose. One day, they discover that the carp have been trapped in a pond under a weeping willow. Together with their dad and neighbors, Beth and Paul dig a trench from the pond to the lake and guide the carp down the new creek. My daughter and I enjoyed reading this story as we followed Beth and Paul as they learn that even ugly fish like the carp need help. The illustrations are beautiful and vivid which helps add even more life to a beautiful story. I highly recommend this book for any school, library and family.

Second, A New Life Begins: The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba Book 1 Series 1 is the story of Zealy, a beautiful seal, who is newly born and lives with her mommy and daddy. She soon meets a baby orca whale named Whubba. Whubba watches over his new friend day and night. They become best of friends ready for new adventures together. When this book arrived, my daughter eagerly wanted to read it. It was beautifully illustrated and a wonderful and simple story that children will enjoy.

The Great Carp Escape
is available on Amazon
for Kindle $6.99
in paperback $12.99
And Barnes and Noble for $12.99
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A New Life Begins:
The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba Book 1 Series 1
is available on Amazon
for Kindle $3.49, free with Kindle Unlimited
in hardcover for $19.95 and in paperback for $16.95
Also at Barnes and Noble
In hardcover $17.95
paperback $15.95

Nook $7.99