Thursday, January 21, 2016

Percy Finds a Girlfriend: a magical story told from an unlikely source

Percy Finds a Girlfriend by Sissy Parker is a magical story of a picture frame named Percy and how he is able to speak and interact with the other household items as they witness the lives of the Jones family.

The story opens with the house on Mulberry Street with its occupants. Hanan is the wife of William and mother to Pamela, Bernita, Anita, Sandy and Liz. Pamela is an artist who crafts amazing works of art including stained glass and other works. The Jones family is preparing for a wedding. Hanan’s niece is coming and the house is in a fury trying to get everything ready. Pamela has a special reveal for her family and their guests. It is a small porcelain statute she named Jacqueline. Jacqueline was created as a girlfriend for Percy. The family doesn’t believe that Percy is alive and finds it weird that she would make a girlfriend for the picture frame. But unbeknownst to the family, Pamela is able to breathe life into her creation with a simple kiss. Then suddenly, Jacqueline goes missing. Who is the thief? Will Jacqueline be returned safely?

I enjoyed the precise about a magical picture frame and other household items who are the often silent witnesses to the Jones family. I think this story is a great imaginative adventure as told through the eyes of a beautiful picture frame. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy magical stories.

Percy Finds a Girlfriend
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