Saturday, January 23, 2016

The History Major: what we see may not be real

The History Major by Michael Phillip Cash is a mystery thriller in which Amanda Greene is sent on a series of events occur which makes her question everything around her.

Amanda wakes from with a heavy hangover. All she can remember is that she had a horrible fight with her boyfriend, Patrick, the night before. As she wakes up, she realizes that something is different about her dorm room. First, her roommate is someone who doesn’t recognize and things have changed around the room. She goes off to class and realizes that she’s enrolled in a history class she never wanted. She tries her hardest to get out of but to no avail. She must take this class. As she sits down, she recognizes one guy but she isn’t sure how she knows him. In walks in the professor wearing a toga. Soon Amanda is taking on a journey of memories into the distant past of Joan of Arc and Lucrezia Borgia. And her own painful past of abuse, abandonment and trauma. Is Amanda dreaming? What is the meaning of her visions of Joan of Arc and Lucrezia Borgia? Can she find the meaning before it is too late?

I have enjoyed Michael Phillip Cash’s books for their unique storytelling. I received an advanced reader’s copy and I must admit when I started reading The History Major I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it. By the end, I did. I enjoyed the lesson in which Amanda must learn and a lesson we need to learn as well. Without giving too much away of the ending, I say the lesson is something that we haven’t learned yet. The book did come with a warning that the story contains sensitive subjects of trauma, grief, child abuse and other emotional topics. I thought it would be an emotional story as I have experience a few of the “emotional topics” warned about. But I didn’t experience any emotional response as I read the story. Other readers may, so take heed of the warning. Otherwise, I recommend The History Major as an interesting take on history and our experiences.

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