Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Putter and the Red Car: a family's adventure cross coutnry

Putter and the Red Car by Kate K. Lund and illustrated by Ana Maria Velieu is the story of a family’s journey from Boston to Seattle. The story is told from the point of view of their dog, Putter, an Airedale terrier.

Dad has gotten a new job and the family must move from their home on the east coast to the west coast. Along the way, Putter describes the family’s activities at their various stops. First, Sturbridge. Massachusetts, then on to Pennsylvania, and Chicago to visit friends. Next to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore. But unfortunately it’s raining, maybe next time. Next stop, Buffalo, Wyoming to explore a real teepee. One more stop until home, Missoula, Montana. Finally, Seatlle! Their new home. 6 days and 3,000 miles!!!

Putter and the Red Car is a fun story about a family’s move across country. To hear the story from the dog’s perspective is fun and unique. Kate Lund is a licensed clinical psychologist and wrote this book as the first in a series. Her goal is to teach and help children adapt to change as well as build resilience and recognize the power of different possibilities. I think she’s off to a good start. The journey is positive and builds excitement for the family’s new home with each stop. I highly recommend Putter and the Red Car for any family or classroom library.

Putter and the Red Car
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