Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What do my favorite animals say about me?

I’ve always wondered why I was drawn to certain animals. So I decided to research what certain animals could represent. My top three animals are: cats, wolves and most recently owls. I’ve been a cat person since I was little. I always preferred cats as pets as opposed to other pets. I also have been drawn to wolves since I was in junior high/high school. Most recently, I have been drawn to owls. I was thinking why I could be drawn to these animals and not others. Is there something in my personality that I see in these animals? And what I found was quite shockingly true.

I’ve loved cats all my life ever since I got my firsts cat, Marshmallow, when I was 5 years old. Cats are well-liked and clever, albeit a bit aloof with high ideals. I am well-liked and I’m often told that I’m clever. I can totally see myself as aloof sometimes with standards and integrity which are usually beyond my years. They look to travel off the beaten path and try something new. Cats have little patience for old and outdated ideas. I’m usually good at trying new things, especially something I have never tried before. I also have little patience for traditions and rituals simply because “that’s the way it is.” I usually want to know why a tradition is carried out. Cats are strong, fearless, and take great joy in the right to be independent. I don’t know if I’m fearless but I do take care joy in being independent. In a recent study from Carrol University, “cat people” are more likely to be non-conformists, more sensitive and more intelligent.

I’ve loved wolves since high school and their connection to the Native American cultures. Wolves are seen as noble, self-aware and confident. Wolves represent value of close friends but an individual likes being on their own as well. I prefer to have a few close friends as well as being on my own. I actually look forward to times when I can be totally alone. I like activities that do not require multiple people like reading and writing. People look up to individuals represented by the wolf. These people are good at handling a lot of responsibility. It’s nice to picture people looking up to me and I am good at handling a lot of responsivity. I’ve been doing it since I was 12 years old. Wolves will accomplish tasks which interest them with intensity and determination. This is funny because I can read a book in a day if I wanted too but some tasks, like cleaning can take days if I put it off! They tend to have high standards. Wolf people can be described as “aloof” and “mysterious” but that is not necessarily the vibe the individual is trying to give off. Wolves also represent coolness and composure until someone messes with friends or family and then all bets are off.

In many cultures around the world, owls are seen as harbingers of death or messengers from the spirit world. The presence of an owl is often seen as a bad omen. Owls have always been a symbols of intelligence and wisdom to me. The Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom has the owl as her sacred symbol. Owls are viewed as highly intelligent individuals who are very sensitive and aware of their surroundings. They approach life from a pragmatic standpoint with perfectionist tendencies which propel them toward success. Owls can be seen dealing with things sensibly and realistically based on practical rather than theoretical consideration. Owls represent matter-of-fact and down to earth individuals. I see myself being very pragmatic. I tend to look at tasks and situation as realistically as possible and approach problems with practical solutions. I wouldn’t say I’m highly intelligent. There are some topics and subjects that I do not know but I am intelligent. I am often the cool head in tense situations and sometimes I do have a sense of panic but I can usually calm myself down in order to deal with the situation properly.

After researching these animals, I think my favorite animals represent me well. I like the cleverness of the cat, the composure of the wolf and the wisdom of the owl. A few people who knew are probably saying “I don’t think so” but I think those who really know me might be able to see these characteristics in me. I think if you were to look into why certain animals appeal to you, you might be surprised by what you find. You just might find that the animals you are drawn to reflect more of your personality than you realize. Check it out.