Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Forest Secrets: an adventure to save a forest and a family

Forest Secrets by Laurie Woodward is an adventure of three unlikely friends who must race against time in order to save the home of one of them.

The story opens with Calliandra frantically searching for her parents. She’s scared and along in a dense forest. Daisy Castillo is an 11 year old girl who has just moved to this small town. As she explores the forest near her new home, she sees a girl with vines and leaves as hair. Daisy and Calliandra of the Forest People become fast friends as Daisy wants to help her find her parents. They are soon joined by Albert Mahoney, a 13 year old local boy who knows a lot about being lost and lonely. They soon discover that the local logging company is illegally cutting down trees and destroy the homes of Calliandra’s family and people. Against a greedy logger and a crazy reporter, the three must find a way to prove to the authorities of their illegal plot. Will they be able to stop the plot in time? Will Calliandra be reunited with her family? Will the forest be saved?

Forest Secrets is a fun adventure story which introduces the importance of preserving our national resources. As well as standing up to bullies for the greater good. This story was engaging and fun. The characters are relatable to young children and will be able to connect with the readers. I highly recommend Forest Secrets!

Forest Secrets
is available on Amazon
in paperback for $6.98

and on the Kindle for $3.99