Thursday, April 14, 2016

North of Here: a story of how lives can become intertwined

North of Here by Laurel Saville is the story of four people and how their lives become intertwined. How a simple decision can lead to tragedy and heartache.

The story opens with Miranda and Dix. Miranda is the surviving child of her wealthy parents until her father’s sudden death and her mother’s failing health leaves her with nowhere to go. Until Dix, a friend of the family, offers her a place to stay. The story shifts to Darius and Sally. Darius is a college dropout who has been wandering around looking for his place in the world. He soon meets Sally, a no-nonsense social worker who works with the families of broken homes and juvenile delinquents. Soon Darius starts bringing girls who are troubled. Then Darius meets Miranda and soon Miranda is seduced by the sanctuary that Darius has built, a cult he calls “The Source.” Soon tragedy strikes which brings Dix to meet Sally and the two must fight together to bring down Darius and his “Source.” Can they stop him before he hurts anyone else?

I read this book with interest not really knowing what the story was about. As I read, the writer was introducing the characters, I had to wonder where it was all leading to and then it happened. The climax the tragedy and its aftermath which kept me glued to the pages as I was eager to learn the outcome. What happens to Darius and his “Source?” What happens to Miranda? As with any good book, I cannot give any details without giving away key plot points. However, I will say that this story had me interested from the first page, what I thought would be a romantic story of two people after a tragedy turned out to be far more interesting and dramatic. I was able to read this book in one afternoon as I could not put it down. I highly recommend North of Here for a new and interesting type of story.
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