Friday, May 20, 2016

Hold Your Breath: a romance with a mystery twist

Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle is book 1 in the Search and Rescue Series. It is a story of mystery, romance and one woman’s struggle to leave her old life behind.

Louise “Lou” Sparks has left the comfortable life in Connecticut to live in the Colorado Rockies as a member of the Field County Rescue Dive Team. She is taking part in ice-rescue training when she hits something in the water and causing a headless corpse to rise to the surface. With Team leader Callum, Lou begins to investigate who this person might be and how he ended up in the lake. As they do, the two became close. Are those sparks falling between them? Meanwhile, Lou has the strange feeling she’s being followed and watched. Does she have a stalker? Who is the body they pulled from the lake? Are her stalker and the body connected?

Hold Your Breath is a typical romantic mystery with one little twist. The murder isn’t solved by the end of the book. In a way, I like that. It’s new and it certainly carries my interest to future books in the series. But then I wanted to know who killed this person!!!! Overall, I enjoyed the romance between Callum and Lou. I liked their chemistry and their capability. If you enjoy romance novels, you will enjoy Hold Your Breath.

Hold Your Breath
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