Friday, May 6, 2016

The Avignon Legacy: mystery of a hidden treasure

The Avignon Legacy by Daniel C. Lorti is an intriguing novel which takes the reader from 14th century France to the present day events surrounding Avignon, France.

The book opens with Part 1 in the Middle Ages. The Termonde family meets Sir Michael Chatillon, a night and noblemen of King Philip VI, who invites the family to his estate. Life progresses, improvements made and the Termonde family becomes an important addition to the estate. Jean Termonde becomes friends with Sir Michael’s son, Maurice, who is sponsored to become a knight. Jean proves to be a worthy knight and events bring him to the Petit Palais at Avignon. There he is entrusted with important and secret tasks by Cardinal Guy de Boulogne. These tasks will play in an important role in Part 2. James Pierce deals in rare books, the more challenging the book. The greater risk the greater reward and his methods of retrieving these books are always on the up and up. One day, he is approached by wealthy reclusive billionaire, John W. Baxter. Baxter will offer him a job that will take Pierce to Italy, into the Vatican and end up in Avignon. There Pierce discovers clues Jean Termonde and rumors of a hidden and long lost treasure.

The Avignon Legacy is an excellent story which builds a mystery and Ocean’s Eleven type cat and mouse with the controversial history of Avignon. I enjoyed seeing the parallels between the events of Part 1 and 2. I loved the suspense as Pierce carries out his plan to retrieve a book for his clients. I highly recommend the Avignon Legacy

The Avignon Legacy
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