Tuesday, June 7, 2016

All the Missing Girls: a mystery told in a unique style

All the Missing Girls by Meghan Miranda is a chilling tale of one woman’s return home where the case of a missing girl still hangs in the air ten years later. When another girl goes missing, the past becomes more present than ever before.

The story is told in three parts. In Part 1, Nicolette “Nic” Farrell is on her way home to North Carolina where she is helping get her childhood home ready for the market. As she drives home, she remembers the events of the night when her high school best friend, Corinne, went missing. Nic is unsettled to be in the house again where the ghosts of the past are felt. Part 2 is the interesting part. The story is told backward from Day 15 to Day 1. Nic is trying to fit the pieces of the recent disappearance of Annaliese and the connection to her friend’s disappearance ten years ago. Will she find out who is behind Annaliese’s disappearance? Does her father know more than his feeble mind will let him say? Part 3 is the aftermath of the events in Part 2. Will they find Annaliese? Will they discover what happened to Corrine?

All the Missing Girls is a fascinating read. The reverse storytelling is brilliant. I read more closely, wrote down any clue and had aha moments when pieces were starting to connect. The ending is brilliantly done and quite surprising when the events are finally pieced together. I can’t give too many details away because it will spoil the story. But I will say this book did not disappoint. The twists and turns will leave you guessing until the very end! If you enjoyed The Girl on the Train, you will definitely enjoy All the Missing Girls! I highly recommend it!!!

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