Thursday, June 9, 2016

Black Widow: a mystery thriller which leave you guessing until the very end!

Black Widow by Christopher Brookmyre is a mystery thriller told in three parts. The narration is divided between Dr. Diana Jager, the defendant, and Jack Parlabane, a journalist who is covering the story. The story opens with Dr. Diana Jager is on trial for the suspicious death of her husband, Peter. Diana is a surgeon who gained infamy when her anonymous blog was exposed. She wrote scathing commentaries about anyone and anything that crossed her. As time went on, she met and married Peter, an IT tech at the hospital where she worked. Suddenly after six months of marriage, Peter is missing. His car is found in a river and he is presumed dead. Evidence is pointing to Diana. Jack Parlabane is a reporter who is put on Diana’s trail by her sister-in-law, Lucy Elphinstone, who suspects Diana of killing her brother. As Jack uncovers clues to the relationship between Diana and Peter and Diana’s past and as Diana reveals the secrets she is unwilling to share to the police, a picture is painted of what happened that night. Where is Peter? Is he dead and did Diana kill him? Will Jack ever uncover the truth?

I LOVED Black Widow. I stayed up late until 1 am because I HAD to finish. I had to know if Diana killed Peter and what happened to him. The book reminds me of Gone Girl but oh so much better. This book had so many twists and turns that you think you have it figured out and another twist!!!! I can’t talk too much about the major points of the book because it would give away huge plot points. However, I can say that the book will keep in on your toes. I highly recommend Black Widow. It is one of the best done and excellent books I’ve read in a long time!!!! I'm eager to read other books by Christopher Brookmyre!