Thursday, June 23, 2016

Deliver Her: when a mother's plan goes horribly wrong

Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan is a story about one mother’s desperate decision to help her teenage daughter. When the decision leads to her daughter missing and the desperate search to get her back. Meg Carmody’s 16 year old daughter, Alex, has been in a downward spiral since her best friend died in a car accident after her Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Desperate to put her back on track, Meg contacts The Birches a behavior facility which helps troubled teens. She arranges for a transport service to take Alex to the school. Carl and his friend, Carolyn, pick up Alex and they are on their way. But during a rain storm, Carl loses control of the car and when he regains consciousness, Alex is missing. The search is on. While at home, awaiting on news of Alex, Meg begins to discover the truth behind the car accident which killed Alex’s best friend. Will Meg be able to find Alex in time? Will Alex learn the truth about the accident? Will she be able to get her life back on track?

Deliver Her is a fast-paced, heart wrenching story about a mother’s desperate attempt to help her daughter and her daughter’s inner turmoil about her life after a tragic accident. I was hooked from page one as I read Meg’s desperation and fighting against all odds in order to get her daughter back. The book was fast paced and with very new revelation, a new twist in the tragic story which led Alex down this path. I highly recommend Deliver Her.

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