Sunday, June 5, 2016

In the Light of What We see: a story of drama, mystery and danger

In the Light of what We see by Sarah Painter is a story of two women from two different times and their fight for their lives. The narrative alternates between the two women’s stories. The story begins with Mina. She sees birds that aren’t really there. She is dating a handsome doctor, Mark, and she is avoiding her aunt and uncle. One day, Mina is in a car accident and wakes up in the hospital with little memory about the accident or anything about her life. As she struggles to recover physically and mentally, she begins to see more than just birds. She begins to see the ghost of a young woman. Enter Grace. In August 1938, she is sent to work in a hospital under strict guidelines and rules. As she struggles to learn her new routine and life as a nurse, she must also deal with the unwelcome advances of the new handsome doctor. As Mina recover bits and pieces of her memory, she realizes that Mark isn’t all he seems to be. Is the ghost who visits her room trying to tell her something? Will Mina be able to recover her memory in time?

In the Light of what We see is an interesting story with twists and turns. Although I failed to see the connection between Mina’s story and Grace’s story other than the hospital that Grace worked in and Mina is now a patient. I feel as if the stories could have been separate books. Mina’s story was more dramatic and I didn’t see how Grace’s story fit. Maybe I missed something in the story that linked the two better. Despite my confusion, I did enjoy the story and I found myself urging Mina to open her eyes and see the danger in front of her. I was eager to see if Grace was able to live her life better despite her current circumstance. I recommend In the Light of what We see for its dramatic story and its mysterious elements.

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